An alternative way to invest

Diversify your investment portfolio with a solid alternative to stocks, bonds and real estate. Over the last 5 years investors have received more than a 7.5% annualized return.

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What is Quantrom?

Quantrom P2P Lending DAC, or simply Quantrom, is a company established in Ireland with the purpose of investing in alternative lending, which is lending over the internet.

People can borrow to renovate or build a property, buy a car or acquire consumer goods. You can best compare it with “old-fashioned” mortgage deeds with different types of collateral.

Investing in Quantrom is done by subscribing to of profit participation notes, which is a financial investment where the noteholder gets a share of the profit each month. Our profit participation note is accumulating, which means that the profit of each month is added to the value of the note.

Our core investments are in car, property or business loans among others, however, it is important to point out that we do not invest in pay-day loans.

Why invest with Quantrom?


Stable returns

Our approach to alternative lending has been developed in order to minimize volatility and reduce the potential risk to your funds.

Over 75% of our loan portfolio is backed by collateral and buy-back guarantees. We have successfully brought a stable annualized return of 7.5% to our investors during the last 5 years, regardless of market events, e.g. COVID-19, that had an adverse effect on other investment solutions.



It takes 3 easy steps to invest in Quantrom. Your subscription to Quantrom is very transparent and handled online. After subscribing, you transfer your funds to our client account in the Bank of Ireland. Our transfer agent – DM Financials – will execute your subscription and register your profit participation notes. A minimum investment period of 12 months applies. Should you decide after 12 months to redeem your notes, it will be as easy and transparent as the subscription process.


Trustworthy partner

With Quantrom you do not need to worry about hidden fees, high transaction premiums, bid-offer spread or unexpected costs that diminish your overall return. Our process is completely transparent and all details of our investment procedure can be accessed freely. Our monthly reports will describe every facet of our portfolio. Whenever you have questions, you can always contact us or book a call.

Visualize your potential earnings

The calculation below is based upon the moderate scenario in our Key Investor Information Document. The expected return is 7.37% per year over a 5 year investment horizon.

Some of our trusted partners
Some of our trusted partners

Quantrom’s results speak for themselves

Return compared with other asset classes

Compared with other European asset classes, Quantrom came out quite favorably over the last 5 years. Since 2017 Quantrom has provided our investors a return of more than 45%.

Return comparison since March 2017

Stable returns year-on-year, regardless of external factors

*based on our November 2022 monthly report

Loans by type (%)

Over 75% of our portfolio is invested in collateralized loans

*based on our November 2022 monthly report

Our lending

Quantrom focuses on 4 types of P2P loans: Car loans, Property loans, Business loans with collateral in properties, and Personal loans. This type of lending is the equivalent of “old-fashioned” deeds that have moved online.

Investment in EU27

Quantrom is only investing in loans issued in countries in the European Union. We help moving capital to EU member states, where SMEs and ordinary people need a loan.

Loans by Country (%)

Our investment activity is centered in EU member states.

*based on our November 2022 monthly report

Start investing
in 3 easy steps


Get in touch
and invest

Complete our subscription form and start investing in alternative lending to help secure your future wealth with a well diversified portfolio. Upon completion you will receive a legal contract summarizing all the details that you will need to sign to complete your investment.


Transfer your
desired sum

Once you have signed the legal document, you can go ahead with the transfer of the amount you have decided to invest with Quantrom to our client account with the Bank of Ireland.


Sit back and enjoy your investment return

Once your funds are safe in our accounts you will receive a confirmation from our Transfer Agent – DM Financials, which will independently verify your investment. At the next dealing day you will receive a notification about your allotment/number of Profit Participation Notes. Thereafter, all you’ll need to do is sit back, read your personalized monthly report and enjoy the wealth preserving effect of Quantrom P2P Lending DAC. It is that simple to protect your wealth.

Join our more than 100 satisfied investors

Meet your new financial professionals

Gustav Jensen

Managing Director and Founder

Gustav Jensen’s masters degree in economics from the University of Copenhagen and his vast experience in the financial sector enabled him to develop Quantrom and create the method of obtaining stable returns via alternative investments.

Before founding Quantrom, Gustav added many valuable experiences to his career including the Ministry of Finance in Denmark, Danske Bank, Stora Kopperberg and Stora Enso, as well as advisory positions in Inter IKEA and ABP Pension in the Netherlands.

Tony Jønsson

Chief Investment Officer, Partner

Tony Jønsson is Quantrom’s expert in portfolio management of credit products. His international banking experience stems from his time working at Jyske Bank, Danske Bank, Stora, Fionia Bank and Nordea.

Currently he ensures Quantrom’s portfolio is stable and profitable for all investors, from his home in Denmark.

Joachim Rass

Chief Compliance Officer, Partner

Joachim Rass boasts a meticulous understanding of compliance and financial regulation, making him the piece of the puzzle that completes the team. His two masters degrees in economics from the University of Uppsala and from the University of Siena complement his previous work experience at Nordea International Private Banking and KPMG Luxembourg.

He has occupied project management and financial regulation advisory positions in his career path. Currently he operates from Germany.

Trusted partners of

Transfer agent and company secretary

Doran + Minehane (DM Financials) is the transfer agent of Quantrom P2P Lending DAC. DM Financials is also the company secretary of Quantrom Limited, which is the management company, and Quantrom P2P Lending DAC.


Cohen & Co is the auditor of Quantrom P2P Lending DAC. Cohen & Co is an international audit firm with offices in several countries around the world.


Bank of Ireland was founded in 1783 and is one of the largest banks in the Republic of Ireland.

Legal advisor

Philip Lee is one of Ireland’s leading law firms and the legal advisor on the offering memorandum of Quantrom P2P Lending DAC’s Profit Participation Note.

Legal advisor

Walkers is a global financial services law firm and the legal advisor to Quantrom Limited.

Tax advisor in Denmark

Beierholm is one of the largest audit and tax advisory firms in Denmark and advisor to Quantrom P2P Lending DAC regarding taxation in Denmark.

What you gain if you choose Quantrom


Stable Return

Rest assured that your funds are invested in the best way possible for your portfolio to thrive while you enjoy minimized volatility in return.


Save Time

Managing investments can be time consuming. Let us do the leg work for you. After subscribing, all you need to do is read our monthly reports to stay up-to-date.


Diversified Portfolio

Instead of relying on traditional investments such as stocks or bonds, increase your portfolio’s variety with alternative lending.

Free information package on crowd lending

Receive our information package on crowd lending as well as our newsletters and monthly reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quantrom Peer-2 Peer Lending DAC (“QP2PL”)?

Quantrom Peer-2 Peer Lending DAC is an investment company that invests in tranches of peer-to-peer loans predominantly in Eastern Europe. It is an investment vehicle managed by Quantrom Ltd.

In Eastern Europe, the need for financing for both private individuals and businesses is in high demand leading to the fact that interest rates are typically higher than in Western Europe.

Our main focus is on investing in consumer loans, business loans, car loans and property loans.

Who can invest?

Private investors and companies that are based in Europe and have a bank account in the region can invest. In addition, all persons must comply with satisfactory documentation of identity, as well as meet the usual banking procedure including KYC/AML. For more information see our dedicated “investing” page.

Can companies invest?

Yes, companies and foundations can invest in Quantrom P2P Lending. In order to comply with applicable legislation, we typically need a printout from the company register with reference to who can sign on behalf of the company. Furthermore, we need the usual documentation for KYC/AML compliance.

What is KYC, AML and CTF?

KYC stands for “Know your Customer” .

AML stands for “Anti Money Laundering” . 

CTF stands for “Counter Terrorist Financing”. 

Similar to other financial products, all natural and legal persons must adhere to KYC and AML/CTF checks prior, during and after their investment.

Doran + Minehane conducts an examination and screening of all our investors into Quantrom P2P Lending DAC, to ensure that Quantrom P2P Lending DAC does not participate in any money laundering activities or terrorist financing.

You invest in a product or vehicle that invests into selected P2P loans from selected loan originators on selected platforms in the European P2P lending market. Quantrom has developed a selection process to find the most appropriate P2P platforms that cooperate with financially stable loan originators, which place P2P loans on these platforms.

As with all types of investments there are risks associated with them. We have developed a selection process to find the most suitable P2P loans in the EU market and we monitor our portfolio’s performance in line with our Risk Management Policy and Investment Guidelines.

Obviously, the main risk of investing in P2P loans is the risk that the borrowers do not repay their loans. We have taken the following measures to reduce this risk: All loans are established according to a set procedure by the platform or loan originator, which must have assessed the borrower’s repayment capacity.

For certain types of loans (e.g. mortgages and car loans), collateral is provided that can be applied in the event of a default on the loan, which reduces the risk of capital loss of our investment.

For certain types of loans (e.g. corporate loans) other credit enhancements are carried out, including suretyship from the business owner.

For the majority of the loan portfolio, however, loan originators have committed themselves to repurchase the loans in the absence of interest and repayments over a period of more than 60 days.

Finally, Quantrom strives to have a very large diversification of P2P loans, across different countries, borrowing purposes (or sectors), various platforms, financially sound loan originators and individual borrowers to further secure your investment.

What are the costs associated with the investment?

A subscription in Quantrom P2P Lending DAC profit participation notes will incur a transaction fee of EUR 50.

A management fee of 1% of the total value of the Company is charged, as well as a performance fee of 10% of the return beyond 7% in annual returns.

What is the minimum investment amount?

The minimum investment amount is EUR 10,000, following the initial purchase you may buy additional notes for a minimum amount of EUR 2,000 per purchase.

How long is the investment locked-up?

The investment is tied up for the initial 12 months, after which you can sell your notes with 1 month’s notice.

How can I buy and sell Profit Participation Notes

You can buy/subscribe to notes in Quantrom P2P Lending directly on our website on the dedicated “investing” page. Similarly, you can sell/redeem your notes in Quantrom P2P Lending directly on our website on the dedicated “investing” page.

Is the investment in Quantrom P2P lending guaranteed by a public authority?

Peer-to-Peer, or P2P, lending is a new investment solution that had its start during the financial crisis in the United States and UK. In recent years, the solution is now spreading to Europe, and at present the market in Europe is not regulated by any authority. Loan originators may be regulated and supervised by each country’s financial supervisory authority.

The investment is at your own personal risk and investors must be aware of and understand the risks associated with the investment and that you can lose parts or all of your investment in Quantrom.

In fact, investors are not subject to any financial compensation scheme from a public authority.

How liquid is the underlying investment?

Investing in Peer-to-Peer, or P2P, loans is a long-term investment. Signed loan agreements cannot be terminated from the lender and therefore P2P loans are illiquid by nature. There is sometimes a secondary market where loans can be traded, however, it is not particularly liquid.

As a result of this illiquidity Quantrom P2P Lending DAC has a lock-up period of 12 months for new investors.

What currency is invested in?

Investments are made exclusively in Euro.

How can I see the return on my investment?

Every month, you will receive a report per email with a detailed review of the loan portfolio. The report will include the end-of-month price per Notes and the development of the investment since the beginning of March 2017.

For what purposes are loans issued?

The loans can be issued for many purposes. Quantrom invests widely in different sectors and countries. Investments are mainly in consumer loans, corporate loans, car loans and property loans.

What type of collateral is associated with the loans?

There are two types of loans: 1) loans with collateral and 2) loans without collateral.

For loans with collateral, the collateral can be in the form of properties, cars or for corporate loans production equipment.

Consumer loans are typical loans without collateral.

How is the collateral assessed?

The value of the collateral is assessed by an expert within the category of the loan. It can be a property expert regarding real estate financing or an “in-house” expert in the field of e.g. car loans.

What happens if the borrower does not pay?

In cases where the debtor/borrower does not pay his interest and installments in a timely manner, the platform or loan originator will contact the borrower with a commemorative letter (can also be in the form of SMS and/or mail).

If payments continue to be missed, the platform or loan originator will try to find a solution if necessary by extending the maturity of the loan to enable the borrower to meet his/her payment obligation. As a last resort, the claim will be handed over to the legal debt collection and, where appropriate, the collateral sold to cover all or part of the outstanding loan amount.

Are you investing in ‘pay-day’ loans?

Quantrom P2P Lending DAC does not invest in ‘pay-day’ loans or other short term loans with extremely high interest rates.

How much of the investment can I sell?

You can sell all or part of the investment (minimum EUR 5,000) after 12 months of ownership with a notice period of 35 business days.

Are there costs associated with the sale?

Yes, a handling fee of EUR 50 will be deducted.

How long will it take before I receive the money on my account?

The payment will be made inside 10 working days following the month of the redemption.

We recommend that you contact your tax advisor for advice.

For persons taxable in Denmark, please visit our Danish web-site: